Our Fleet

Drawing from its rich history, Charger Logistics has developed a set of guidelines for purchasing and maintaining its equipment. All of our trucks come with state of the art QUALCOMM software that allows us to track the health of our units in real-time. Our 24/7 maintenance team regularly check for fault codes and keep our drivers informed of any issues. Our trailers also feature cutting-edge navigation systems, and in-house developed, tracking support software to ensure on-time arrival of your loads. Every piece of equipment undergoes extensive inspection by our operations team before it's added to our fleet. Our outstanding safety record is a testament to our high safety standards and commitment to quality assurance.

IT Integration

In this day and age, it's nearly impossible to manage a large-scale operation without the support of an efficient IT infrastructure. That's why we hire only the best and brightest developers to build software capable of tackling the most complex challenges. Our company servers store vast amounts of raw data encompassing everything from real-time truck positions to customer’s freight loading instructions so that we can find new ways to reduce transportation costs and improve the quality of our service. Our development team has also created a series of mobile applications to enhance communication between our drivers, mechanics and office staff. By entrusting your freight to Charger Logistics, you will get to experience the incredible technological revolution currently taking place in the logistics industry.

24/7 Customer Service

Charger Logistics wouldn't exist if it weren't for the dedication and loyalty of our customers. Once you set up an account with us, you'll gain access to our special team and service coordinator, who will serve as your primary source of contact with Charger. We also offer EDI integration services which allow you to electronically communicate freight schedules and receive real-time feedback on your freight status. Our 24/7 dispatch team is always available to respond to any of your questions or concerns.

Our Team

Charger’s formula for success lies within its forward-thinking culture. From our drivers to office staff, we welcome individuals who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for solving real-world problems. Whether an employee is a recruit, a seasoned veteran or a temporary intern, they are encouraged to expand their skills set and step outside their comfort zone.

Charger’s senior management also takes the time to personally train and follow up with each new staff member, regardless of their position or title. Employees hold regular meetings where they discuss their accomplishments, challenges, and any issues they face on a daily basis. These open forums provide management with valuable insight into the workings of the company and have inspired many of the custom applications and reporting systems we've developed over the years.

Charger’s commitment to its employees goes beyond boardroom meetings. We invest heavily in training our workforce to take on leadership and decision-making roles within the firm. Whether it’s through video tutorials or workshops, each department receives tailored educational support to help improve its employee's skills. In addition to our study programs, we also provide hands-on training to our staff so that they can put theory into practice.