We aim to achieve high levels of excellence in every department of our business. Throughout our journey we have become a Tier 1 carrier by serving clients in North America including Fortune 500 corporations, small & mid-sized businesses. We provide an unmatched customer service experience and continuously train our staff to be the best they can be. Our commitment to excellence also extends to the way we manage your shipments. We use our state of the art in-house IT integrated software to ensure on-time delivery of all your cargo and provide comprehensive network coverage across the United States and Canada.


Honesty and transparency are the two core values that drive our business forward. We take customer feedback very seriously and go to great lengths to understand the unique needs of all our clients. Not only does this result in an outstanding service, but it also ensures a mutually beneficial relationship between all the parties involved. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your shipment, we promise to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions. There are no hidden costs, or additional charges when you make an agreement with us. What you see is what you get.


At Charger Logistics Inc, safety comes first. We own and operate the safest cargo fleet on the road and have an entire department dedicated to ensuring the safety of our drivers and loads. Our carriers are always up to date with Canadian and American authority safety standards. As a member of C-TPAT, we also enforce cross-border protection laws for all clients engaged in international trade. Our partnership helps us protect the supply chain, find security gaps, and implement specific security measures and best practices across our entire fleet.


Our primary mission is to raise the industry standard and become the best logistics service provider in North America. We encourage out of the box, innovative thinking, especially when it comes to technology. We also understand that every business needs an efficient logistics solution that saves time and money. That's why we've invested heavily in developing a world-class service that meets all the demands of a complex, interconnected world while reducing supply chain inefficiencies and waste. Our team is always looking for ways to streamline our services and improve how we do business with our clients.

Responsible Growth

We believe that maintaining our financial integrity is the best way to ensure longevity in the industry. Our sustainable approach to growth keeps our debts in check while giving us the freedom to expand our operations organically and responsibly. We stay up-to-date with global economic changes and make sure that our annual budgets align with the company's primary goals and strategies. Our organic growth approach also allows us to build better facilities, improve our existing assets, and grow our fleet based on the demands of our clients.

Invest in People

Our team works with the shared vision of helping our customers achieve success. We equip our drivers with top-of-the-line equipment, provide on-going training, and offer several benefits packages to our office staff. We also provide them with regular updates highlighting recent changes in our industry so that they're always several steps ahead of the competition. Without our employee's passion, dedication, and persistence, we wouldn't be where we are today.